Once Again Back Is The Incredible!

Guess who is back and ready to party? That’s right the Guest Checks Kickstarter is a GO!

Click the image and check out our new Kickstarter campaign. This time around I asked for less money, less than half, and in 3 days we have already reached 60% of our goal.. If you didn’t get a chance to back it the first time, please saunter on over and have a look. Click the image and start your journey

I Only Eat Ostrich Eggs by Matt136

I Only Eat Ostrich Eggs by Matt136

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The Way We Were


Hello my friends! I hope everyone has recovered from the end of the campaign. I woke up on Saturday and already was ready to get this party started all over again. But this time do it a little bit better, with less pressure and more fun. I apologize for reaching for the moon with my first goal, I knew not how crazy Kickstarter can be. My hubris was thinking this book was a “number one with a bullet” type books, how could it not be the second coming of 50 Shades Of Grey? I mean sheesh, it’s has weird drawings of monsters, and creepy skeletons… What else does America want but that? So let me apologize for getting you guys all worked up for the book and then maing you watch it fall way short, My bad.

But as we speak, men are computing numbers using blinking lights and punch cards. They are trying to find the right equation to get this project under a certain number, where we all feel confident it will succeed. I ask of each and every one of you to PLEASE hang on for a few days and I will launch the Check Please! 2.0. ALL BACKERS can still keep their original rewards, and ALL of you who backed over $10 get a FREE EXCLUSIVE Mega Print. This print will be so rare, only you guys will have it. I am working on new Wood Print Guest Checks. We are offering BLACK shirts this time around, more ORIGINAL art from Guest Check artists.I will update with a link to the new campaign, hopefully you can all follow us there.

This time around I will take you through the whole process of making a book like this. I am trying to not sacrifice any of the art, while at the same time still wrangling up new artists for the book. I should be receiving a new quote from the printer tomorrow, and then it should be go time…Time to crank the lions tail and get this thing roaring.

If anyone has any questions, or wants to suggest a reward or print they might want made, feel free to message me or leave a comment.


John Williams

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Friday is the LAST DAY to back Check Please!

Skinner and Greg Hinkle



We are into the last days of our amazing Kickstarter. If you are a follower of this blog, please share this with your friends, family and any other strange person in your life. We really want Check Please! to be seen by more people… We need more people to know about this book! Pledge anything you can, anything helps towards our goal. Click the image above and it will take you right to the page! We added some great rewards in the last week, stop by the page and check them out! Thank you for all your support and good wishes.

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Halfway to the whole way


Howdy Guest Checkers! Check Pleasers! Another update on our wonderful project.. There is a lot of stress from starting a Kickstarter.. You get overjoyed on the great days and sad during the lean days… We have been lucky enough to be featured on so many great blogs, last night Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News gave us a great ReTweet… He just went through a stressful Kickstarter, but ended up raising 150,000$$$!!! WOW! We will take a drop of that.. He also had Guillermo DelToro and Peter Jackson helping him.. We need everyone who has backed and is going to back to keep spreading the word. This project is nothing without the support of friends, family and fans. Thank you so much for all your hard work so far, I really appreciate everyone who spent time sharing our story..

We have added some new rewards.. First we just added a very special reward. For $50 you get the Check Please! book AND this extremely LIMITED wood print of a Brent McHugh check. These are being created by UnPossible Cuts and they are only making 5 total.. So if you want to be only one of five people to own this, stop by and change your backer amount.. Get these while they last.

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New Reward!! Limited Brent McHugh Wood Print

Wood Print

NEW REWARD! Just added a new reward to the Check Please! Kickstarter. LIMITED Brent McHugh x UnPossibleCuts Wood Print. ONLY 5 WILL BE PRINTED. 6.25×3.5. Get the book AND the wood print $50 reward. Check out more from @brentacles and@unpossiblecuts. You can find the link in my profile for the Kickstarter. Please tag someone who might be into this. We need to keep the word spreading. Thank you.

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Check Please! is here.

Check Please!

If you are one of the loyal Guest Check readers, please support our Kickstarter. We are going to use this Kickstarter to put out an insanely awesome book,

Check Please! A Collection of Art on Guest Checks. 9×9, Full Color, 80 page, Hardcover Artbook, with over 50 artists and 150 checks. Artists involved with this project are N8 VanDyke, Matt136, Skinner, Dave Correia, Cody Schibi, Emonic, C.B. Canga, Ken Davis, Super Ugly, Dave Dwonch, JoeMur, Robert Bowen, Brian Canio, Cody Vrosh and so many more.

Some of your favorite Guest Checks, and some new, unseen, mind blowing checks. I cannot express the excitement I have for this project! Click the picture and CHECK out the project…and please spread the word.

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Check Please! A Collection of Art on Guest Checks

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my Kickstarter project… Check Please! A collection of art on Guest Checks. A few years back I started a blog where my friends would draw whatever they wanted on Guest Checks, the checks that waiters write your order on. It was so fun, seeing what they created. The blog got such a great response, we were featured on the Huffington Post, Laughing Squid and a few other Restaurant and Food blogs. I have always thought of this project as perfect for Kickstarter, it took a crowd to put the book together, so it should take a crowd to help create an amazing book. We should all be a part of Guest Checks, whether you have waited tables or waited for a table, this book can speak to you. This book represents every artist in it, when they held that piece of paper in their hand, decided to draw on the front part or the more simple back of the check, where you’re greeted by a Thank You. I started receiving other types of Guest Check, different shape and size, hearing stories of people asking waitstaff for their checks. People told stories, people used one check, or three checks, it was a an art lovers dream.

Well now the time to release a high quality hardcover book is upon us. I have collected some of the best from the blog, as well as some never before seen checks, saved for the book. It will be a beautiful 9×9 inch, full color, 80 page, hardcover book. But the cost of putting out the quality of book this project deserves is steep, and that is where my friends come in. You guys are the most important part, we all work together and we all get a once in a lifetime collection from some of the best artists working today. Every artist gets copies of the book which allows them to keep one for themselves and sell a signed copy to a fan. This project has always been about the artists and getting their names out to people who will appreciate art.

The beautiful thing about Kickstarter is I can give you the book and so much more. The rewards I created are filled with prints, shirts, original art, original Guest Checks and even a dish towel! It is going to be exciting to follow the project and see what prints and shirts people pick. The money I am asking for is the amount it would take to print and ship enough books out, while still being able to shop the book to stores nationwide.

The most important thing I can ask of you, beside buying this awesome book, is to spread the word about this book, share it on every social media you use, email your cousins best friend, write a polka song about it. I have even attached a couple of images that you can post on your Instagram or Facebook. But please spread the word, I know that this project can be a fun success story, where everyone is a winner.

The project will go live on Thursday, September 12th at 10am. I will be doing promotion throughout that day and the next day, and the next…So please forgive me for talking about this project for the next month or so, but this project means so much to me and the artists who are a part of it. I thank anything you do for the project, even if it’s just wishing us well.

Check Please

The Cover

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