Wonder Weenies Invades Guest Checks

Wonder Weenies Invades Guest Checks by Corey Kramer

Wonder Weenies Invades Guest Checks by Corey Kramer

Check please!! Today your waiter is Corey Kramer, and he likes it with Mississippi mud on it. I met Corey at Wonder Con this year, and I was drawn to his unique style and bold outlines. His webcomic “Wonder Weenies” is a really fun strip about workers at a fast food joint that get various wacky powers. He is the first person to ever make one solid story using his checks, so here it is in all its glory. Please go over to Remedial Comics and support these guys.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Weenies Invades Guest Checks

  1. Corey Kramer’s multi Guest Check panel comic strip is AWESOME!! I think it was very cool how Corey used four Guest Checks to tell a story about a classic diner experience. 🙂 Corey’s drawings are great and the use of the four Guest Checks together makes for an really eye appealing work of art!

  2. Corey is the man. Although I may be biased as his partner in crime over at Remedial Comics. As soon as you dropped those guest checks off I could see the gleam in his eye and knew he had something special in mind. Way to go man. Good stuff.

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