We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here

We Don't Serve Your Kind Here by Josh Ellingson

We Don't Serve Your Kind Here by Josh Ellingson

Check please!! Someone go tell Josh Ellingson to come up front. We need him to deal with this small problem we have, a customer problem. Sir, It is not that we are racist by any definition of the word, we just don’t serve your kind here. Well it might be a little strange for our customers to look up from their yellow tail and see a giant fish staring at them, it is a little jarring. I am not trying to make a big production out of it, we just have a strict NO AQUATIC LIFEFORM policy here, and really, why would a fish want to eat at a seafood restaurant? It is kind of disturbing… Don’t forget to tip!!

…on a side note, I would like to thank Josh and his friends at Laughing Squid, for giving Guest Checks a great write up on their awesome site. It really has sparked a wave of great things for Guest Checks, and a ton of new followers. So thank you so much Josh, and if you are at a convention and you see Josh, please buy his amazing art.. I know I will next time I see him…


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