Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here? by Joseph Murdach

Check Please!! Our waiter, Joseph Murdach, has just been delightful. He has refilled our waters with a pitcher that overfloweth with joy. He was so attentive to my wife, he massaged her feet, and even massaged her thighs and buttocks. Whenever my wife needed to go to the restroom, he was right there, ready to escort her there personally. She went to the bathroom a lot, and it appeared to be a long walk as they both came back sweating. Great service, top of the line, When he gave her the “special” customer tour of the kitchen, I thought she’d burst! She returned very flustered from the hot stoves, and speaking a tiny bit of spanish. Thank you so much, we will never forget you…in fact I believe you have my wifes number? Good… We will not forget to tip.


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