You Came To My Planet…

You Came To My Planet... by Dave Dwonch

Check please!! There are all kinds of conspiracies that your waiter, Dave Dwonch, likes to spread around, perhaps the strangest is about the Wampa and Luke Skywalker. You see Dave seems to think that Luke started it, see the Wampa is indigenous to an ice planet only venturing out when he smells food. How was this sad, innocent creature supposed to know he had grabbed a jedi knight (in training)? He is just doing what he needs to survive in this harsh climate, but no, he comes back to his cave with a bottle of red, thinking he was about to settle down to a night of Netflix and meat when WHAMM-O!! His arm gets lopped off. So thanks you little whiny punk for coming to MY planet… Next time stay home. Don’t forget to tip.


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