The Fabulous Flexible Furry Ferret

The Fabulous Flexible Furry Ferret by Cody Williams

Check please!! If you have some time, your waiter tonight, Cody Williams wants to do a little sales pitch. This Christmas have you been unable to find that perfect gift for your great grandma or second cousin? Well look no further, NanaCo brings you “The Fabulous Flexible Furry Ferret”, a newly designed and created animal that is sweeping the hearts and minds of all small Austrian children. Finally exported to America by being smuggled in shipping containers. along with hundreds of refugees, these warm fuzzy creature will provide hours of entertainment. The one thing we warn though is that there may be some Anaconda DNA in there, so watch out for letting them curl to tightly around your neck, yipes. These beauties run for the low low price of 199.99, which you can make in 200 payments of one dollar. Don’t forget to tip!!


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