It Came From the Floorboards

It Came From the Floorboards by Dave Dwonch

Check please!! Your waiter, Dave Dwonch, has an interesting tale to tell… His parents tried for many years to have a baby after Dave was born. They tried many controversial and experimental methods, but nothing worked, or, at least that is what they told Dave. You see, they did have one more child after Dave, but he was hideously deformed and appeared to have a tail and horns, and in the seventies these kind of things were quickly hushed up. One day, Dave went over to his parents house to feed their cat when he heard a noise coming from the crawlspace. Dave grabbed a flashlight off the shelf and went to investigate, he pulled the ladder down and crept up the creaky stairs. Closer and closer he got to the top, as he swung his flashlight around erratically he spied something hiding in the corner. It was his long lost brother, hidden away after all these years, shunned by his parents, with only a rubiks cube for entertainment. The adventures these two embarked upon are the stuff of legend, like a buddy cop movie on acid, and that is a check for another day. Don’t forget to tip!!!


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