Thats No Dummy

Thats No Dummy by C.B. Canga

Check please!!! Your entertainment for the night is C.B. Canga and his dummy Mr. Peppers. These two haven’t had the chance to entertain many crowds, they are just starting out. Well, truth be told, Canga and his dummy have had one performance before… Mr. Peppers told Canga to go slice and dice up a group of hipsters one night, apparently, the demonically possessed little wooden puppet was wronged by a roving band of tight jean, mustache bullies. So he found a young innocent to carry out his evil bidding in the form of C.B. Canga, the poor boy couldn’t resist the dummy’s obvious charms, so please tonight applaud very loud and don’t forget to tip!! because if you don’t… well Mr. Peppers hates bad tippers.


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