I Only Eat Ostrich Eggs

I Only Eat Ostrich Eggs by Matt136

Check please!! Your waiter today is the great and powerful Matt136. He is here to tell you the process in which we receive our “farm” fresh eggs. First they are laid by giant wingless birds, which futuristic knights ride for sport. Then these two knights of some futuristic civilization, chase each other around some insane arena built over a volcano, trying to stab the other. Once one knight vanquishes the other they harvest the giant eggs and ship them to us using a complex stargate system. So when I tell you that you can’t have them scrambled hard with cheese, you might try and understand. Please don’t forget to tip.


P.S. how awesome is Matt136 for this double check? with added Matt cuts for kick-assness. He is the best.


2 thoughts on “I Only Eat Ostrich Eggs

  1. Yeahhh matt that is soo legit! One day im gonna buy a bunch of your art and put it in my future house so when i wake up and burn i can be all like “yeah, i bought that, matt richie did that and i own it and you don’t” hahaha keep it up doooode much respect

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