Somebody is watching me.

Somebody is watching me by Justin Greenwood

Check Please!!! Today’s waiter is Justin Greenwood artist for Oni Press “Ressurection” by Marc Guggenheim. The only one of us making a go of it in the world of comic books, and we love him for it. Longtime friend of the geek savants and papa-to-be, he is an incredibly talented artist and I am very honored to be bringing you guys his artwork, click the link to visit his website. Please don’t forget to tip…


4 thoughts on “Somebody is watching me.

    1. Justin has scheduled signings at the Oni booth.. and draws a comic written by someone who has worked for a major company… that’s making a go of it..

  1. I think “making a go at comics” means producing comics– maybe even trying to make a career out of drawing pictures with word bubbles floating around them. I’m pretty sure that Richard Han, Daniel Logan and I do that…

    1. Well then start your own site called “Making a go at” cause this is my site and I say only Justin has “made” a go at comics..
      Daniel has drawn one published graphic novel, Richard Han hasn’t done but five pages in his sketchbook and you don’t draw nationally published comics, only write/color them.. so any more witty remarks there, gate keeper?

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