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The Reflection is Revolting

The Reflection is Revolting by Glenn Hernandez

Check please!! Look, I don’t know what Glenn Hernandez sprinkled on our soup, but… Either, he gave us the good stuff, or people would say my brain was infected by devils. I am straight tripping balls, three different, strange-looking dudes keep staring back at me from the minestrone. I am seriously giddy I did not get the alphabet soup…What’s that demons in my broth? You want me to murder my wife and make it look like auto-erotic asphyxiation? yes, I will soup spirits, i love you.

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A Picture of my Headache

A Picture of my Headache by Joseph Murdach

Check please!! Your waiter today wants you to know he had a wild night last night, and if you could take it easy on him that would be great. Joey Murdach got so hopped up on Shirley Temples last night, he decided to draw how he feels this morning, nobody has the heart to tell him there isn’t alcohol in any of those drinks. Oh well blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol, or lack of. Don’t forget to tip!!!

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Who Spiked the Box Wine?

Who Spiked the Box Wine? by C.B. Canga

Check please!! C.B. Canga returns to talk us all off our ledges.. Does anyone else see a skull in this guest check? cause I might be tripping balls. One thing we learned at the restaurant tonight is that it makes it so much more difficult to get peoples food orders right when you just did three hits of acid.Are you sure you didn’t order a womans boot smothered in honey and served with a urinal cake? don’t forget to tip!!!

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